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Broek in Waterland Guided Walking Tours

Guided Tours Broek in Waterland

Having seen the most important hot spots in Amsterdam and ready to escape the hustle and bustle for half a day? Then explore the genuine Dutch country side and visit, on less than 10 km from the city centre, our picturesque village Broek in Waterland. The gem in the crown. Easily accessible by public transport, from the Amsterdam C.S. bus terminal within 15 minutes. Or hire a bike, rent a car or minibus.

In the middle of the green meadows, during summer time populated by hundreds of cows and swans. Beneath those beautiful Dutch skies, you will find our tiny village with almost a hundred meticulously renovated and preserved state monuments from the Dutch Golden Age period.


• Experienced guides
from the Historical Society

• € 60,- per group
(1 to max.15 persons)

• Reservation:
at least 24 hours in advance
is an absolute must

Contact: Emil Stöve

Mobile: +31 6 13585891

In the 17th and 18th century Broek, as it’s local inhabitants call it, was a popular village for the extremely rich merchants of this era. To give you an impression, one of the most famous was Neeltje Pater. She left an inheritance behind of approximately 7.5 million guilders when she passed away in 1789. She is often called the Bill Gates of the 18th century.

Your guide, a member from the Historical Society Oud Broek in Waterland, will tell you all about it in an interesting and cosy walking tour of around 1-1.5 hour (depending on your  time).
You can enjoy coffee, lunch or dinner in all different price categories.

Tip: If you have a full day you can extend your stay with a visit to the more touristic villages of Marken and Volendam.

We are sure you will love the experience!
Bijv: 'Ansichtkaart Leeteinde' of 'Watersnood 1916'
Archief van Oud Broek in Waterland